Daiena Dâmaso

Daiena Dâmaso was born in 1984 in Witten, a German town once known for its dynamite factory. At two years old, she moved to Vale da Amoreira, south of Lisbon, where she grew up surrounded by the first graffiti evidence in Portugal. When she become of age, she took a boat to the other side of the river, and completed a degree in Equipment Design at the University of Fine Arts in Lisbon. Curious of other seas, she traveled to Barcelona, ​​and complemented her course whith graphic design assignatures at the University of Fine Arts.

Back to Portugal, she made her first art exhibition in 2014, with the theme “Amar, Amar, ir e voltar”. She sold half of the pieces, and rolled up his sleeves. A few months later, she exposed again, this time in the house where Fernando Pessoa lived for 4 years, the Blog space, in Lisbon.

Besides that, Dai - as she prefers to be called - did a little of everything. She was caught scribbling walls by the Brazilian police; she illustrated 5 floors of the Goodnight Hostel, in downtown Lisbon; she illustrated fictions in three editions of a Fanzine; She painted the wall of an abandoned factory in the Alentejo; and she learned how to make stamps with potatoes.

Every time she has the chance, Dai travels to the Alentejo coast, where her family is originally from. With a watermelon under his arm, she runs along the beaches and the cliffs of Zambujeira, finding tranquility in the rough sea or in the songs of the people whom she most identifies.

You may find her on the floor of some Lisbon bookstore, flipping through children’s books, or in one of the seven hills of the Portuguese capital, with her eyes shining and her fingers dirty with Posca pen.