Vital Lordelo

Self-taught artist, in adolescence studied painting, studied Journalism in 2004, studied publicity in 2005, not concluding any of the graduations. He moved to Porto Alegre where he resumed his artistic production in 2006, doing drawings, paintings and collages. In 2007 begins to put their works in public space. In 2012 prints the poster "There is courage always now", initiating its process of mass circulation. In 2013, he intensified his production by producing more street art, a year that he joined Acervo Independente (collective art space) as guest president. Currently he is engaged in the production of posters, stickers, stamps, woodcuts and serigraphs. Between individual and collective exhibitions - he passed through Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Santa Maria and Lajeado and recently just participated in a collective exhibition in Lisbon - Portugal.