Twotma, acronym of « this woman this man », is the name under which
French artist Aimée Pedezert performs her art in the streets of cities she

Aimée was born in Bordeaux, south of France, in 1988. After
studying languages, communication, art history and business at
university, Aimée worked in auction houses and art galleries, then
moved to Portugal, in 2016.

Twotma held an endless creative rhythm, which she lives for: thousands of acrylic
paintings, on paper, on canvases, thousands of hand painted t-shirts, but also painting on pottery, on chairs, on shoes, on surfboards, on anything she would actually cross in her daily life. Twotma also set up regular workshops for children in Lisbon, playing around the main themes of art history, such as dadaism, surrealism, cubism. Twotma also had the chance to collaborate with musicians and producers, making visuals for sounds and vinyls.

Today Twotma’s art has become happier, simplier, absurd and colorful. Romantic or sarcastic, random or utopic. Funny, mostly. Because this is exactly where Twotma is in her life: a place of peace where she welcomes it all and feels good about it. And she wants to spread that good.

So she goes to the streets and hold her black line poetry to everyone’s eyes. If she gets a smile, that’s all she had wished for.