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About us

Malapata is an art gallery that, despite its name, doesn’t harbour omens of bad luck.

Located in one of the most traditional zones of Lisbon, downtown Chiado, its main focus is centred in promoting emerging contemporary art, both national and international, and with special emphasis on illustration, making it a gateway for new talent to be uncovered. 

Malapata is a gallery dedicated to show contemporary art by emerging artists. 

Not limited by definitions, the gallery features innovative artists who work on a wide variety of techniques from painting, illustration and sculpture, where works are characterized by a strong graphic or abstract visual language.

With a new project-based approach, the gallery's goal is to serve as a platform for art that interacts with the surrounding society.

Our plans for the future include creating workshops and travelling to markets and fairs all over the world. We also have established protocols with educational institutions where the best students have a chance to display on our walls.