Clara Não

Clara Não is an illustrator, designer, and writer, urban artist, and other stuff too, sometimes.

She lives at Porto, where she is doing her master in Drawing and Printing Technics, at Fine Arts College of Porto. She also concluded her BA in Communication Design, in 2015, at the same institution. Besides that, Clara specialized her studies in Creative Writing and Illustration at Willem de Kooning Academie, in Rotterdam, The Nederlands. 

With a playful mind and a tender heart, her work focus on constructing ideas visually through writing. Dealing to the importance of writing in her work, she developed a learning method based on Jean Qui Rit's one that allowed her to learn how to write with both hands in all the ways — normal, 180º, vertical mirror and horizontal mirror. So that happened. Clara performs live too, writing her texts everywhere she can, in all the ways she learned.

Since 2012, she has been participating in collective exhibitions as well as individual ones.