Diyou Wu

Diyou Wu is a graphic artist, a designer, an imaginer and a dreamer. She is originally from Shenzhen, China.

After she graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art’s Illustration Practise MFA program in 2014, she moved to Boston and worked with Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a Graphic Artist and Production Designer.

Diyou is a lover of fashion and all things art - she focuses on fashion and lifestyle, editorial, graphic design, pattern, picture book and other visual arts. Her work has been featured in several blogs and publications including Airbnb, Vogue, Draw A Dot and Fashionay Hand and has been exhibiton around the world.

Curently, she lives with her crime partner Justin and their filled-with-tuna-faced cat Sashimi in Cambridge, MA. In her spare time, she experiments with new recipes and scours the world in search for the best food ever.