Jhon Douglas

Jhon came from the jungle, free from any pre concepts thoughts or judgements. He brings with him a very clear idea that every day we leave all our dreams for tomorrow. At 28, coming from the Amazonian rain forest in Brazil, he is adventuring troughtout the painting, street art and music world, along with any other media that allows him to create his own world, without limits.

Inspired by nature, the simple minded way of thinking characteristic of the small cities, his work takes us to ramble through all lives he crossed along his way, guiding us and getting us lost among all his influences from traveling, skateboarding, or even from life itself and disturbing questions. Color, trace, and mostly masks that Jhon collects from non-lived lives.

He lives to avoid commodity, to avoid all the guarantees that are imposed to us. Without any direct artistic reference he creates his own language, build and destroy what´s necessary to make us look out for nature, and what is pure to us, to what is our own free from lies and camouflage.