Leia Bryans

Leia Bryans is a Lisbon- based painter and illustrator, originally from Toronto. Having recently moved, her work has developed and unfolded in Portugal where she is inspired daily by the colours of the city. Her paintings are a continuous reflection of her own growth as an artist in a new city.


'Stretching in Place' considers the idea of adjusting the limitations of one's surroundings through colour and exaggerated form. The combination of still life and womanly silhouettes offers insight into a particular world where that space becomes elastic. Where drawing focus to a gesture or an object elucidates a particular way of life—in this case gentle, and feminine. Women sit with each other, or alone in a beautifully casual manner. They lie around, free from the passage of time without any guilt. A familiarity with each other and themselves, like when a warm breeze picks up and a dear friend brushes a hair away from your face. The ease of which these subjects centre themselves is in itself a tender disruption.