Mariana Dimas

Mariana is a freelance visual artist based in Lisbon, but both the city and the occupation mark a change from her past. Although her artistic talent was recognized at a young age, her good grades in Biology and Chemistry convinced her that a career in science was her best option, with drawing and photography to be enjoyed as hobbies.

During seven years of study and employment on the pharmaceutical field, there was no time for drawing, and only her photography remained as an artistic outlet. But when she emigrated to Maputo, where she worked as a hospital pharmacist for four years, her passion for drawing and painting returned.

“I became fascinated by the strength of the Mozambican cultural scene, by the contact with the community of local artists and African art - so expressive, raw, and disturbing. I started painting intuitively, for pure pleasure.”

Returning to Portugal in 2016, Mariana could no longer ignore her passion for the arts.

“Uncertainty and insecurity can block us for a while - sometimes for too long. But when we know exactly what we love, when we feel it deep in our heart, the only way we can be happy is by taking the risk.”

Mariana started taking classes in photography, image creation and editing software while working at HUND (an advertising agency) illustrating and designing graphics (2016-2020).

She is currently working on her Master’s degree in Illustration and Animation at IPCA and, as a freelancer, she is dedicated exclusively to artistic creation: book illustration, collaborations in fashion design and mural painting are some examples of what she has been doing.

Mariana’s work is extremely diverse. She is constantly expanding her style and experimenting with different materials, textures, and techniques, guided by her instinct for what feels right at the moment.